OnePlus 10 Pro Review: An Great Third Choice in the War of Android Phones in the Market

Oneplus 10 Pro. Oneplus 10 Pro Review. Oneplus 10 Pro Specifications. Oneplus 10 Pro Design, Camera, Display, Performance and Storage, Benchmark Scores, Oxygen OS, Oxygen OS 12.1, Software updates.
OnePlus 10 Pro Review. Image Courtesy

Oneplus went downhill from Launching Multiple Flagship Smartphones every year to only one The OnePlus 10Pro.

The Best Part of it is that one plus now only offers one model to choose from among a wide range of Android Phones on the Market. But Unfortunately, the Downside is that now the Customers of Oneplus have only a Limited Number of Choices.

Oneplus 10 Pro was launched in China back in the Month of Jan, but it came to the US just recently. But the only issue is that instead of Two Variants one plus has Comeup with only one Flagship which is the Oneplus 10 Pro.

Oneplus 10 Pro. Oneplus 10 Pro Review. Oneplus 10 Pro Specifications. Oneplus 10 Pro Design, Camera, Display, Performance and Storage, Benchmark Scores, Oxygen OS, Oxygen OS 12.1, Software updates.
OnePlus 10 Pro Review. Image Courtesy


Oneplus 10 Pro comes in two colors Emerald Forest and Volcanic Black, the Phone has smooth edges same like as the Galaxy S22 Range. The Phone’s back has Semi-Matt Design.


When It comes to the Camera One plus 10 pro has a Triple Camera Setup on the Back 

The Primary camera is a 48-MP (Custom Build Sony IMX789) Camera with Optical image stabilization (OIS) and f/1.8 aperture, 

An 8-MP Telephoto lens with OIS, and also a 50-MP ultra-wide camera which offers a 150-degree field of view, this also works as a Fish Eye lens.
When it comes to the Front-Camera One plus 10 pro has a 32-MP Single-Camera Set up.


When it comes to Display Oneplus 10Pro has a 6.7-inch QuadHD Fluid AMOLED Display with a max brightness of roughly around 480 nits. 
When compared with Galaxy S22, Oneplus 10Pro has a Slightly Taller Screen, and the Display has a Max Refresh rate of 120Hz, and One plus has also implemented a native rate-adjusting mechanism that changes the refresh rate based on the content you are watching.

Performance & Storage

When it comes to the Performance Side the phone has quite similar specifications to the rival Android Smartphones in the Market, The Oneplus 10 Pro rocks a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor and 8GB RAM. 

The sad part of this year is that one plus is not offering a 12GB Variant, which was normally offered with the last two versions of their smartphone. This may not be a Big Issue for an Average User but for a Power-user it may affect significantly.

One More Downside to note-down is that Oneplus only offers 128GB of Internal Storage which may not be sufficient even for an Average Smartphone user nowadays because nowadays few apps and files would fill it up quickly.

When it comes to the Battery OnePlus 10 Pro Rocks a whopping 5000 mAh battery Which lasted 17 hours and 18 minutes in our Battery Drain Test. which is one hour longer than the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Xiaomi 12 Pro, which have similar-sized batteries.

Oneplus 10 Pro also supports 65-watt Wired & 55-watt Wireless Quick Charging.

There are few a notable facts because which you may have to consider buying a OnePlus 10 Pro over other Smartphones in the market, Such as the 

  • Volume Switch-Similar to iPhone which helps you put your phone to Silence Mode Quickly.
  • Under-Display Fingerprint Scanner & Facial Unlock
  • Volume Rocker & the Power Button is split on either side of the Phone

Benchmark Tests

According to some of the Benchmark tests that we did One Plus 10 Pro Stays at the Bottom when Comparing it with other flagship smartphones in the market such as the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Xiaomi 12 Pro, even though they have the Same Processor, 

However, the downside of it was that they were the versions with 12GB Ram which shows the reason why the numbers were poor.

As Per our User Experience, the OnePlus 10 Pro was an incredible Smartphone, even though the lack of Storage Capacity was a thing. One of our Team Members Multi-Tasked using Split-Screen Mode Smoothly (Watched a Show on HBO Max while keeping Discord Opened in one half).

A Unique Version of Android

Every Single Android user out there would know what they like, Many Prefer Google’s Stock Android Version, this is mainly because they will get the Latest Software Updates on Time & Fresh Out-of-Beta Version Features for which others have to wait for a Quite Long time, 

For Example Samsung’s One UI because the Company have to add some minor Software patches to it in order for the Users to get a Pleasant Experience. 

Same as that OnePlus also has its own Called the Oxygen OS 12.1.

Oneplus’s UI Oxygen OS offers tons of UI Customization Features without overdoing it, such as the ability to swap out app icons Through the native launcher, and the Ability to Select your Favourite Colour Scheme you prefer throughout the Interface.

In Addition to that One plus has become so Aggressive on one Feature which is the Shelf, a widget-filled landing page kind that pops up when you slide down from the top corner of the screen.

But the downside of it is that it really sensitive to swipes, but thankfully there’s an off switch for this amazing feature.
When it Comes to the Software Updates Part one plus has promised that it will roll out software updates for three years on the Android OS Side & and Security updates for four years, which could be said as a Standard as this is what Samsung & Google Offers with its Smartphones.

Another Alternative Android Smartphone in the Market

It can be said that the OnePlus 10 Pro is a Decent smartphone and it does not have anything outstanding on it, but however if you don’t like the Look and Feeling of Some of the Smartphones sold in the market such as the Samsung’s & Google’s ones then this is the choice.

Also If One plus offers Another Version with Additional Storage, this device will become the go-to device for us, however, it could be also said that one plus is Conducting Market Research to identify its customer loyalty.

If you really love the Brand one plus then it is recommended that you Buy the Oneplus 10 Pro over Samsung Galaxy S22 Series or even the Google Pixel 6, 
When Considering the amount paid which is US$900, going for a 128GB Google Pixel 6 Pro with 12GB RAM is a Great Choice as it can give you greater performance, or else for US$100 you can pick yourself a Samsung Galaxy S22+, with Same Ram Capacity and with 256 GB of Internal Storage, this choice can be made only by yourself based on your own opinions.

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